Prevedere: Global Indicators

3.5+ million time series data from more than 1200 global sources


This dataset is a world-class collection of high-quality time series data is ideal for predictive analytics, Big Data analytics and BI reporting. With 3.5+ million datasets from more than 1200 trusted sources, Prevedere Indicators cover just about any external factor that can influence a business—demographics, macroeconomics, employment, prices, consumer behavior, online activity, weather patterns and more.

  • Analysis ready: Clean, current and well-formatted.
  • Context rich: Tagged with industry, geography and more key aspects. Searchable with NAICS, SIC, NACE industry codes
  • Exclusive: From unique or hard-to-access sources
Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

Prevedere is a Big Data and Predictive Analytics software company that delivers insights into future business outcomes based on global data. Our intelligent forecasting offering helps executives see what lies ahead for their business and solve for upcoming risks and opportunities. Our economist have curated and collected a unique combination of high quality external data to create mission critical insights. Prevedere’s customers include many Fortune 500 industry leaders across industries.

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