Preqin: Preqin Investor Essentials for Real Estate

Firm, Contact, Fund and Performance data for Fund Managers that Preqin tracks as active in Real Estate


Preqin Investor Essentials for Real Estate Data set provides a view of all Fund Managers that Preqin currently tracks as active in this asset class. This data set contains in excess of 100 data points covering several thousand Fund Managers who are currently known to be active Real Estate.

What’s Included:

Fund Managers:
– Profiles of real estate firms.
– Their history, strategy, funds, investors, lead partners, and service providers.
– Direct contact details for key decision-makers and their preferred contact method.

– Announced and on-the-road funds including estimated launch dates and interim closures.
– Profiles of real estate funds covering core, core-plus, value added, opportunistic, real estate debt and fund of funds

– Current and historic returns data for Real Estate Funds

Tables Included:
– Preqin Fund Managers (firm-level data)
– Preqin Fund Managers Contacts (contact data for these firms)
– Preqin Funds (data on the funds)
– Preqin Fund Performance (historic returns for fund)

Fields Included:

– FIRM NAME | Name of firm
– CITY | City firm’s main office is based
– COUNTRY | Country firm’s main office is based in
– REGION | Region firm’s main office is based in
– ADDRESS | Address lines 1 and 2
– STATE/COUNTY | State or county of the firm’s main office
– ZIP CODE | Zip code/post code of the firm’s main office
– WEBSITE | Website of the firm
– FIRM TYPE | Type of firm
– YEAR EST | Year firm was established
– ABOUT | About description of the firm
– AUM (CURR MN) | Assets under management in local currency in millions
– AUM (USD MN) | Assets under management in USD Currency in millions
– AUM (EUR MN) | Assets under management in EUR Currency in millions
– REAL ESTATE SOURCES OF CAPITAL| Sources of capital the firm uses for its investments.
– PROPERTY FOCUS | Property types the firm focuses on for real estate investments

– FUND ID | Unique fund identifier
– FIRM ID | Unique identifier of the fund manager/general partner
– NAME | Name of fund
– VINTAGE YEAR | The fund’s first year of investment/capital call
– ASSET CLASS | Asset class(es) the fund operates in
– STRATEGY | Strategy of the fund
– PRIMARY GEOGRAPHIC FOCUS | The main/primary geographic scope of the fund
– COUNTRIES | Countries that the fund will invest in
– REGIONS | Geographic/economic regions that the fund will invest in
– STATUS | The funds current status in its lifecycle
– FUND SIZE (USD) | The fund size, denominated/converted to US dollars
– FUND MANAGER | Name of fund manager/general partner
– FUND STRUCTURE | The structure of the fund
– DOMICILE | Location the fund is domiciled in
– MAIN PROPERTY TYPE | Main property type the fund invests in
– MAXIMUM LEVERAGE | The maximum leverage that can be used by the fund,

– FUND ID | Unique fund identifier
– AS AT DATE | The date to which the performance statistic is measured.
– CALLED (%) | The proportion of the LP’s aggregate commitments to the partnership that have been contributed to the partnership.
– DPI (%) | The proportion of the called up capital that has been distributed or returned back to LPs.
– RVPI (%) | The value of the LPs’ remaining interest in the partnership, as derived from the GP’s valuation of the unrealized portfolio and its allocation of this to the LP.
– NET MULTIPLE (X) | The ratio between the total value that the LP has derived from its interest in the partnership – i.e. distributed cash and securities plus the value of the LP’s remaining interest in the partnership – and its total cash investment in the partnership, expressed as a multiple.
– NET IRR (%) | The net IRR earned by an LP to date after fees & carry.
– SOURCE | Source of reported data.

Example Use Case:

This data can easily be synced with your CRM and Reporting tools to give valuable insights into the behaviors, activities and performance of Fund Managers who are active in Real Estate.

About the Provider:

Preqin provides the industry’s most comprehensive private capital and hedge fund datasets and tools. Alternative assets professionals rely on it to make data-driven decisions throughout the entire investment lifecycle. Our data is used by 110,000 fund managers, investors, placement agents, service providers, advisors, and other industry professionals from more than 34,000 firms worldwide. We believe that the flow of information is critical to development of the industry to create a better, more transparent ecosystem across opaque markets.

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