PredictHQ: Demand Intelligence – Global Intelligent Event Data

Global forecast-grade event data.


PredictHQ is the world’s forecast-grade event data API. Companies use PredictHQ’s demand intelligence data to improve demand forecasts, optimize supply chains, dynamically price solutions, and more. The global API provides millions of verified and ranked events, aggregated from hundreds of data sources and is the single, global source of truth for events from sports to festivals to school holidays to severe weather.

19 event categories, 450 event labels, and event ranking (PHQ Rank™, Local Rank™, Aviation Rank™) at the aggregate and event-level

Categories include:
– Sports
– Concerts
– Conferences
– Expos
– Festivals
– Performing Arts
– Community
– Public Holidays
– School Holidays
– Observances
– Politics
– Daylight Savings
– Academic
– Airport delays
– Severe Weather
– Disasters
– Terror Attacks
– Health Warnings
– Live TV events

Fields Included:
– Title
– Category
– Labels
– Description
– Start date and time
– End date and time
– Predicted end time
– Country
– Lat / Lon (or Polygon)
– Venue Name
– Venue Address
– Rank (PHQ Rank, Local Rank and Aviation Rank)
– PHQ Attendance
– Event status
– Place Hierarchy
– Created / updated timestamps

Learn more about PredictHQ’s real-world event data by visiting our Developer and Data Science Documentation.

About the Provider:

PredictHQ’s easy-to-use global events API gives businesses direct access to a constantly updated and verified event database drawing on billions of data points daily. Events across 19 categories, from expos to concerts to college dates to natural disasters, are aggregated from hundreds of sources then cleansed, filtered, enriched and verified using our proprietary data pipeline.

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