PRECISIONxtract: Proprietary Payer Data Master

Turnkey data-agnostic payer master with data enrichment provides the foundation for actionable insights


Payer Data Master: Precision’s turnkey data-agnostic payer master with data enrichment provides the foundation for actionable insights
– Establish a series of actionable, recognizable, and differentiated payer names through three hierarchical levels for use across managed markets reporting platforms
– Provide a master payer spine and create a common definition of a payer for use across functional areas of a life sciences company to allow meaningful integration of data across vendors
– Continuously reviewed names and bridge files to capture the most current data available and appropriately classify payers in the most relevant manner, with updates delivered to client partners
– Separate pharmacy and medical master and associated bridge files
– Support all major forms of third-party vendor data via bridge files used in life sciences
– Bridge files also available for specialty pharmacy, hub data, health plan rebates including BIN/PCN/GROUP

Samples/Tables Included:
– Pharmacy Payer Master
– Medical Payer Master
– Payer Master to Source ID Bridge (e.g. Formulary, Claims, Rebate Claims, Pharmacy, Hub, et al.)
– Majority Status (where formulary data is mapped)

Fields Included:
– Pharmacy Payer
– Medical Payer
– Enterprise
– Population Description (Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid)
– Subpopulation Description (Employer, HIX, EGWP, et al.)
– Relationship Type (National, Custom)

About the Provider:

PRECISIONxtract transforms biopharmaceutical company commercialization with innovative data management solutions, predictive multi-stakeholder analytics, and dynamic customer engagement solutions. We empower data-driven insights, enable better promotion decisions, and equip richer customer engagements through our Commercial Data Management Solutions, Customer Engagement Solutions, and expert Analytic Consulting teams.

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