Precisely: ZIP Plus 4s – US

Correlates over 60 million USPS ZIP Plus 4s to U.S. Census Block data.


ZIP Plus 4s includes over 62 million records, detailing the 5-digit ZIP Code and 4-digit extensions representing ZIP Code Sector and ZIP Code Segment in the United States. Thirty postal attribute fields are also included to provide the detail needed to assist in utilizing ZIP Plus 4 data for internal processing and analysis. Additionally, Census block group codes, which include state, county, and tract codes, are provided for each ZIP Plus 4 record. A ZIP Code can represent one side of a street, a floor in a building, or a specific Post Office Box. The ZIP Code Sector (1234) represents a collection of addresses below the ZIP Code level. The ZIP Code Segment (1234) is more specific and always refers to a smaller set of addresses or a single address. In the case of PO Boxes, the ZIP segment is almost always the last two digits of the PO Box number. The four-digit ZIP Code extension is used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to facilitate efficient mail handling and delivery.

  • Create dot density maps that illustrate market locations
  • Overlay maps created from other databases
  • Analyze spatial relationships between current business locations, customers and competitors
  • Define territories
  • Deploy targeted direct mail campaigns
Records include:
  • 5-digit ZIP Code
  • Plus 4 ZIP Code extension
  • Record type (high rise, rural route, PO box, etc.)
  • 4-digit USPS carrier route ID
  • Address range information
  • ZIP Code sector and segment information
  • Census, FIPS, and congressional district information
  • Geographic coordinates of the ZIP Plus 4 centroid
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