Precisely: Property Fire Protection – San Francisco, CA Area (EVALUATION)

Driving distances with time of day-based drive times between fire stations and homes


Property Fire Protection is a compilation of fire departments and fire stations across the United States (San Francisco Area for this evaluation data set,) featuring proximity measurements and drive times to each nearby physical address. Drive times are calculated considering traffic data per time of day. For example: AM and PM peak traffic drive times are offered. When used with Precisely Address Fabric one can easily relate fire risk data to each unique address in the United States, (San Francisco area in this evaluation.) A corresponding Address Fabric sample data set is included with this sample share of Property Fire Protection.

Data Sets
– The Property Fire Protection product consists of a single data set/table
– This evaluation contains the Precisely Address Fabric evaluation data set which also consists of a single table
– NOTE: The Address Fabric product is not included in the Property Fire Protection product but can be bundled in a license.

Data Set Content Includes but is not limited to:
– Fire station information related to every applicable address location using a unique and persistent identifier called the PreciselyID
– Current location for each fire department or fire station in all 50 states (San Francisco, CA Area in this Evaluation data set)
– Driving distances between fire stations and addresses
– Drive times from fire stations to address based on time of day (peak vs. off peak traffic, etc.)

Attributes Include but are not limited to:
– Unique and persistent identifier (PreciselyID) for each address in the United States.
– Incorporated Place code
– Incorporated Place name
– Nearest fire station (for an address)
– Fire department ID
– Department Type
– Drive times to an address from up to 4 fire stations
– Drive time for AM peak traffic conditions
– Drive time for PM peak traffic conditions
– Drive time for off-peak traffic conditions
– Drive time for overnight traffic conditions
– Driving distance to a location (PreciselyID/address) from fire station
– Distance to nearest water body

Example Use Cases
– Understand a property’s proximity to the nearest fire station to assist in determining risk exposure, underwriting, and calculating probable maximum loss
– Determine whether a residential property has adequate local fire support
– Allows for the employment of batch processing and automation to support rate calculation and policy underwriting
– Supports site selection analysis
– Analyze distribution of fire protection assets to identify gaps in coverage or areas that need further assistance

Coverage: San Francisco Bay Area, USA (Sample geography full product is all USA)
Updated: Quarterly

NOTE: These evaluation data sets cover the San Francisco CA, USA area. The sample share also includes a corresponding sample of the Precisely Address Fabric product which is not included with the standard commercial offering but can be bundled in a license. Both data sets represent a subset of the full product’s geographic extent. The full commercial offerings feature geographic coverage of the entire United States. These data sets are intended for trial purposes and their currency may differ from that of the commercial offering.


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