Precisely: Property Attributes Assessment – San Francisco, CA Area (EVALUATION)

Over 190 attributes pertaining to an individual properties’ characteristics


Property Attributes Assessment is primarily built from US county tax assessment data and contains more than 190 property attributes covering more than 3,140 counties. This data is used to enrich and provide contextual information about an address location. The product is designed for interoperability with the full catalog of data sets in the Precisely address and property portfolio. It contains the PreciselyID (field name PBKey), a unique and persistent feature ID for an address used to link to other data sets. NOTE: This sample data set covers the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Data Sets
– Property Attributes Assessment is comprised of two tables
– The main table contains the data itself
– A second table provides the code descriptions used in the product

Data Set Content Includes (but is not limited to):
– Physical property information
– Property and building characteristics
– Location information
– Tax assessment information
– Deed Information
– Sale information
– Mortgage information
– Legal description

The product contains over 190 attribute fields. A sampling is listed below:
– Owner (assessee) information
– Address information for both tax bill mail delivery and the physical property
– Assessor parcel numbers
– State/county FIPS codes
– Land use and zoning codes
– Land use description
– Latitude/Longitude
– Property legal description from the deed recording agencies
– Land/building square footage
– Sale/prior sale information
– Sale tax amount
– Building construction
– Building amenities
– Land/building square footage
– The name of the subdivision, plat, or tract in which the property is located
– Year the primary structure on the property was built
– Type of building style (e.g., Colonial, Cape Code, Bungalow)
– Code indicating type of roof framing used in structure
– Square footage for the entire building
– Fire insurance building classification code used for commercial/industrial buildings
– Total number of bathroom fixtures – sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and shower heads
– Indicates if pool is present
– Code indicating type of heating system
– Code indicating type of heating fuel used
– Prior sale (multiple attributes of additional granularity)
– Market value
– Appraised value

Example Use Cases:
– Determine amount of insurance coverage needed
– Confirm details like number of bathrooms and construction type
– Pre-fill applications with building attributes
– Evaluate home value
– Verify quality of appraisals
– Identify serviceable locations

Coverage: San Francisco Bay Area, USA (Sample geography full product is all USA)
Updates: Monthly

NOTE: This evaluation data set covers the San Francisco CA, USA area. This represents a subset of the full product’s geographic extent. The full commercial offering features geographic coverage of the entire United States. The data set is intended for trial purposes and the currency may differ from that of the commercial offering.


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