Precisely: Historical Weather Risk – USA

Historical records of hazardous weather data including hurricane, hail, tornado, and windstorm events


Historical Weather Risk contains comprehensive, historical records of hazardous weather data including hurricane, hail, tornado, and windstorm events. The data is presented at the individual address level using a unique and persistent identifier called the PreciselyID. Please use the following email for more information about the PreciselyID: [email protected]

Data Sets
– The Historical Weather Risk product consists of a single data set/table.

Data set content includes:
– Unique and persistent identifier (PreciselyID) for each address in the United States.
– Wind Events using the Beaufort Wind scale
– Tornado events using the Fujita-Pearson scale
– Hail Events using the TORRO intensity scale

Attributes include but are not limited to:
– Hail events
– Hurricane events
– Tornado events
– Event counts
– Event Count Ranges
– Risk Levels
– Unique Identifier allowing for linkage across Precisely data products

Example Use Cases:
– Assess average weather risk exposure while writing new business
– Calculate probable maximum loss with respect to the geographic distribution of their insured network
– Add detailed context for calculating policy holder premiums and minimizing exposure
– Understand the historical tornado, hail, wind, and/or hurricane severity for a given location
– Understand historical counts and averages at the individual property level

– Query risk attribute of interest, or conversely derive PreciselyID for unique address
– Join risk attribute to address, or join address to risk factors using the PreciselyID

Coverage: USA
Data Update Frequency: Quarterly


About the Provider:

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