Precisely: Flood Risk – USA

Address level flood risk data


Precisely Flood Risk provides information pertaining to flood zones, elevation, distance to closest 100-year flood zone, the name and distance to closest water body and more. Use this file to append flood risk information to every affected address location using a unique identifier. Includes proximity measurements for added insight.

Data Sets
– The Historical Weather Risk product consists of a single data set/table.

Data set content includes but is not limited to:
– Unique and persistent identifier (PreciselyID) for each address in the United States.
– Location data
– Flood zones (COBRA)
– Elevations
– Distance measurements to flood zones
– Distance to water body

Attributes include but are not limited to:
– PreciselyID
– State FIPS code
– Base Flood Elevation
– Community Number
– Community Status (NFIP)
– Elevation
– Distance to Flood Zones (example: 100-year flood)
– Elevation relative to closest water body
– Distance to nearest water body
– Name of nearest water body

Example Use Cases:
– Determine the flood zone, community participation status, and LOMR information for any property in the U.S. (San Francisco Area for Sample data set.)
– Assess flood risk exposure and accurately calculate premiums with respect to a distribution of policyholders
– Determine flood zone elevation and whether or not a property qualifies for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
– Augment edge case risk assessments by understanding a property’s distance to 100 year and special hazard flood zones
– Identify the nearest water body to a particular property and view the elevation profile between the property location and the water body

– Query risk attribute of interest, or conversely derive PreciselyID for unique address
– Join risk attribute to an address, or join address to risk factors using the PreciselyID

Coverage: USA
Data Update Frequency: Quarterly

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