PowerReviews: Online Retailer Product Ratings and Reviews

Detailed online product listing information including NLP and sentiment analysis of consumer reviews.


PowerReviews analyzes consumer feedback submitted in Ratings and Reviews across thousands of brand and retailer sites (from national household names to start-up eCommerce businesses) to deliver deep and context-rich insight.

Use this information to intimately understand both your and your competitors’ product performance and make informed comparisons. Then execute the required critical changes to your products, holistic product catalog, messaging and marketing outreach campaigns to cultivate more buyer confidence and drive more sales.

How does it do it?
Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing, our platform delivers insights based on analysis of more than 53M consumer reviews from across the internet. This means we can tap into every site your – and your competitors’ – products are sold to make highly informed comparisons across products, product categories, and brands.

Samples/Tables Included:
Retailer Review Sentiment – NLP analyzed review data for the household batteries category from Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Fields Included:
Retailer Name
Product Identifiers (Name, ID, URL, Brand, etc.)
Review Details (Created date, Rating, Headline, Comments, Length, etc.)
Natural Language Processing (Topic, Descriptors, Sentiment Score, etc.)

Example Use Case:
Use retailer product rating and review data to join to sales and other product/brand data to correlate consumer feedback with other business trends and opportunities. How is consumer perception of your brand/competing brands product pricing changing over time?

About the Provider:

PowerReviews helps more than 1,000 leading brands and retailers capture high-quality user-generated content in more volumes to maximize buyer confidence during the shopper journey and increase sales. It then powers analysis of this context-rich insight to drive product and customer experience improvements.

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