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Podchaser collects and enriches a wide array of podcast data through exclusive partnerships and proprietary data gathering methods.

Podchaser’s tracking of Apple charts is trusted by industry leaders. Daily Apple podcast chart positions are available for all countries and categories. Podcast categories are based on Apple’s preferred category classification.

Apple chart positions are an indication of recent popularity of a podcast based on user activity in the Apple Podcasts application. Use these chart positions to determine current and historical popularity of a podcast or keep up with chart movement over time.

Fields available:
– PODCAST_TITLE: Title of the Podcast
– CATEGORY: Which category this podcast is charting in
– POSITION: Position within the chart
– DAY: Date this podcast charted in this position
– COUNTRY: Country code for this chart’s country
– CHANGE: Integer value of difference in chart position since previous day
– STATUS: Text value describing movement in position since previous day
– PODCAST_DESCRIPTION: Podcast’s description from their RSS feed
– PODCAST_APPLE_PODCASTS_ID: The Apple Podcast ID of the podcast
– PODCAST_PODCHASER_ID: Podchaser’s reference ID for this podcast
– PODCAST_PODCHASER_URL: The URL for this podcast on Podchaser’s public web site

Podchaser’s GraphQL API can be used to gather additional data about each podcast using PODCAST_PODCHASER_ID to query. (See documentation link)

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