PlaceIQ: Daily Visit Count

Daily Foot Traffic to Commercial Locations


PlaceIQ is a data and technology company that provides accurate and actionable foot traffic data to drive strategic business decisions and power location-intelligent marketing and advertising.

The Daily Visit Count product provides normalized foot traffic for individual locations belonging to over 700 brands across the United States. The data can be used to understand store-by-store trends, compare visitation between competitors, and understand share within categories.

The dataset includes three tables:

FACT_NUM_VISIT_V2_SHARED contains the time series data by LOCATION_KEY. VISITS_NORM provides normalized visit counts by LOCAL_DATE for each location. NUM_STANDARD_VISITS provides the raw observations to the location, however it is recommended to use VISITS_NORM for any analysis.

DIM_LOCATION_TAXONOMY_SHARED contains metadata to understand what brand is associated with a given LOCATION_KEY. LOCATION_FACET can be used to identify specific brands, while LOCATION_VERTICAL, LOCATION_CATEGORY, and LOCATION_SUB_CATEGORY can be used to understand a set of brands. It is recommended to use LOCATION_FACETs beginning with ‚Places->SYN->ANA‘ for trend analysis.

DIM_LOCATION_SHARED contains a given location’s metadata in geographic terms, including the latitude & longitude of the polygon’s centroid (LOCATION_CENTROID_LATITUDE & LOCATION_CENTROID_LONGITUDE), Census Block Group (CENSUS_BLOCK_GROUP), Zip Code (LOCATION_ZIPCODE_5), DMA (LOCATION_DMA_CODE), and State (LOCATION_STATE_ABBR).

About the Provider:

PlaceIQ is a leading data and technology provider that powers critical business and marketing decisions with location data, analytics, and insights. An early industry pioneer, PlaceIQ has become the standard for fueling better decisions by marketers, analysts and publishers through powerful, location-based consumer insights, real-world measurement, and attribution. With PlaceIQ, companies can uncover opportunities within the consumer journey by learning about and connecting with location-based audiences, measuring real-world ROI and applying insights that drive intelligent marketing and successful business outcomes.

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