People Data Labs: Free Company Dataset

Intelligence on 10 million companies at your fingertips.


About PDL:

– People Data Labs is your engineering partner for all things b2b data. Our company has enabled thousands of engineering, data science, product, and other technical teams to build compliant, innovative, software solutions using b2b data.
– PDL provides company and person data via flat files and APIs

About this Dataset:

– This is our free company dataset of company profiles with reduced fields. The data in this file is updated quarterly. We also list our paid company dataset.
– This data covers global companies with at least 1 employee in the PDL dataset.

Tables Included:


id | The PDL id the company
name | The name of the company
founded | The year the company was founded
website | A domain associated with the company
size | An estimated range of the # of employees that currently work there
locality | City, State, Country
region | State, Country
country | Primary country of operation
industry | Primary industry of operation
linkedin_url | Linkedin page associated with the company


People Data Labs has thousands of contributing data sources that enhance our person data and our ancillary canonical location, school, and company datasets. These sources fall into two categories, our „Data Union“ sources and our public data sources. The „Data Union“ is our proprietary data sharing co-op. Customers opt-in to sharing their data and warrant that their data is fully compliant with global data privacy regulations. Our public data sources help us shore up areas where our data union sources are not providing enough information. These sources include open-sourced datasets, publicly available and free-use government filings, and others. This data is also globally compliant and fair use.

About the Provider

„People Data Labs builds B2B data. At PDL we know that every company is rapidly transforming to solve problems in a more data-driven and people-driven manner. In order to succeed, companies are forming data departments, pivoting their focus into data acquisition, and doubling down on legal, security, and compliance to protect themselves. For these organizations, clean, rich, and compliant person data is critical and PDL is here to meet that demand.

Today, the PDL platform seeks to enable all companies to build compliant B2B data solutions. Our sole focus is on building the best data available by integrating thousands of compliantly-sourced datasets into a single, developer-friendly source of truth. Use our dataset of 3 billion person profiles and 20 million company profiles to build products, power predictive modeling/AI, and more. We work with technical teams as their engineering focused data partner.“

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