Panther Labs: Cloud-Native SIEM

Turn your Snowflake into a SIEM with real-time alerting and 200+ pre-built detection rules


Panther is the first SIEM delivered as a service on top of your Snowflake. With Panther, you can replace your expensive and slow legacy SIEM with scalable log analytics that use cloud storage and compute to scale to your needs. Consolidate security data into your cloud data platform while using Panther’s off-the-shelf log parsing and detection rules. Create custom real-time alerts in Python and receive notifications wherever you need them: Slack, Jira, PagerDuty and other destinations are supported out of the box.

Example Use Cases:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Analyze logs in real-time and identify suspicious activity that could indicate a breach
  • Alert Triage: Pivot across all of your security data to understand the full context of an alert
  • Searching IOCs: Quickly search for matches against IOCs using standardized data fields
  • Securing Cloud Resources: Identify misconfigurations, achieve compliance, and model security best practices in code

Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

Panther Labs is on a mission to help organizations derive actionable insights from security data to protect systems.

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