Pacific Epoch: Credit Card Transactions – Japan

Largest panel of Japanese credit card transaction data. 7 years history, ~1,200 merchants, ~440 tickers.


Daily transaction data for more than 3.5m Japanese credit cards, with seven years of data history available.

Tables Included:
– Transaction-level data mapped to up to three different merchant types: individual merchants, marketplace operators and payment operators.
– Merchant-level aggregated data with normalized values using five different approaches: Share of Retail Sales, Share of Credit Card Sales, Merchant Share of Total Transaction Value, Chained Panel and Per Active Account.

Fields Included:
Transaction-level data
– Transaction Amount
– Transaction Date
– Transaction Description
– Merchant Name
– Ticker Symbol and ISIN

Merchant-level data
– Transaction Date
– Merchant Name
– Merchant Type
– Ticker Symbol and ISIN
– Original Transaction Count and Transaction Amount
– Normalized Transaction Count and Transaction Amount

– And More

About the Provider:

Since 2006, Pacific Epoch has combined proprietary alternative data with on the ground insight to provide clients with actionable performance metrics for the most important growth companies in Asia Pacific.

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