OpenX: BIDS: Bidding Intelligence Data Set

Unlock insights to drive superior ROAS with simple, yet powerful access to log-level data


OpenX, the industry’s largest and highest quality independent ad exchange, powers people-based marketing across the open web to maximize value for brands and marketers. BIDS provides our buy-side partners access to our most granular bid event-level data set specific to their buying activity on the OpenX exchange. This access can unlock critical insights that will drive superior return on ad spend from an improved ability to tune bidding and supply access strategy.

Why would I use BIDS?

  • View the entire supply chain to support data-driven supply path optimization
  • Generate insights that enable sophisticated bidding strategies and campaign goal attainment
  • Join with other 1st or 3rd party data to gain a more holistic view into bidding activity and media performance
  • Validate data against your other data and reporting products

Example Use Cases

  • Review auction loss reasons to drive strategy for making bids more competitive
  • Identify your most efficient and effective sources of supply by publisher, device, channel, format, integration type, etc.
  • Join with conversion data to pinpoint the optimal supply sources for your campaigns
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About the Provider:

OpenX is a pioneering leader in advertising technology, helping create a world where the open web thrives. The company powers people-based marketing on the open web by enabling marketers to reach their target audience across OpenX’s global network of publishers. OpenX works with more than 30,000 advertisers across every screen and device, reaching nearly one billion consumers – including a quarter billion unique consumers in the US – and processing more than one trillion transactions globally each day.

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