Onemata: Hashed US and CAN Raw Mobile Device Location Data – Trial

SDK-Derived, CCPA-Compliant, Hashed Raw Mobile Device Location Data Feed covering the US and Canada


Onemata has developed cost-effective solutions for decision-makers to easily integrate location data directly into their day-to-day business tools or outside them if you wish. Leveraging direct relationships with the SDKs, applications, and publishers, Onemata is one of the largest suppliers to the market for privacy-compliant mobile device location data with unmatched reach across both US and International markets. All data collected, and associated partners are required to, support clear and compliant privacy notices and opt-in/out management that allow for collection, use, and distribution to 3rd parties. Smart businesses are leveraging Onemata’s Mobile Device Location Data for some of the following reasons:
-Providing location data from trusted and reliable sources
-Low-latency and streamlined delivery
-Privacy-compliant data you can trust
-Industry-leading customer support

Sample Tables:
– Mobile Device Location Data

Fields Included:

About the Provider:

Onemata is the largest provider of compliance-first, SDK-derived, mobile location data. We’ve built the most robust dataset of compliance-first mobile location data so you can focus on building game-changing products and solutions.

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