Obsidian: Cloud Detection and Response

Frictionless Security for SaaS Applications


Obsidian aggregates and normalizes data about users, accounts, privileges, service configurations, and activity across an organization’s SaaS applications. The data is enriched with context to construct the Obsidian Identity Graph. The platform applies machine learning and analytics to deliver insights and alerts related to configuration and user risks, such as compromised accounts, insider threats, and weak security posture.


  • Account Protection: Protect user and service accounts in SaaS apps from takeover and misuse
  • Secure Collaboration: Enable users to collaborate safely while protecting data from misuse and exfiltration
  • Threat Discovery and Hunting: Surface new threats and proactively hunt for undetected threats with rich data
  • Insider Threat Detection: Detect threats from malicious insiders and negligence using monitoring and analysis
  • Incident Response: Quickly investigate and respond to incidents with a consolidated time stream of activity
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About the Provider:

Obsidian Cloud Detection and Response delivers unified visibility across applications, users, and data in SaaS. Security teams can quickly investigate breaches, uncover insider threats, and harden the security of their cloud environments with no negative impact to production.

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