OAG: Global Flight Information

Power flight booking systems, manage operations, and analyse trends with the freshest airline schedule data


Global Airline Schedules from OAG, provides users with the most comprehensive set of flight schedules, updated in near real-time.

With over 120,000 schedules changes every day, 5000 updates every hour, securing a reliable data source is for flight options is critical to businesses managing flight booking availability and operations. Schedules data also provides a valuable source of information to inform industry trends, services, and investments.

About the data set

Global Flight Schedules for the world’s commercial airlines including
– Global geographical coverage
– Airline / airport specific availability
– Historical views – daily, weekly, quarterly etc
– Schedules changes and withdrawn flights
– 1 year history with more being added during 2021

OAG Seats Data – a view of seats data by cabin, that is enhanced using data science calculations to fill in gaps not provided by the Carriers in the ACV data that they submit to us.
– More granularity and accuracy of seats available at cabin level by flight, by cabin.
– Forward looking data will show 5 cabins available – First, Business, Premium Economy, Economy Plus & Economy.

Tables Included

This is a snapshot of airline schedules taken three months ago. OAG maintains historical and real time schedules – please contact us to find out more

Key data Fields
– carrier the IATA standard code for the airline
– carrier_cd_ICAO standard ICAO code for the airline
– fltno the flight number
– flight_date
– depapt the IATA code for the departure airport
– arrapt the IATA code for the arrival airport
– deptim the local time of departure
– inpacft the aircraft type
– seats the number of seats on the aircraft
– distance the distance in nautical miles between airports

About the Provider:

OAG is a leading global travel data provider, that has been powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. We track over 111,000 flights daily, handle 120,000 schedules changes every day and processes 4+billion flight status data requests annually.

With the world’s largest network of flight information data, and leading-edge analytics tools, we enable our customers to make smarter decisions, better adapt to change and create exceptional customer experiences. Headquartered in the UK, OAG has global operations in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Lithuania, and China.

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