OAG: Global Connections Data (Sample)

Access a weekly produced global view of the worlds flight connectivity.


Flight connections make new destinations available to passengers, deliver choice and create new revenue opportunities. Use our Flight Connections Data to conduct airline market share analysis and spot attractive routes, airport and airline connections for new destination development.

About the Sample Data Set –
• Global geographical coverage
• Refreshed quarterly and shows all global connections for the first week of the quarter
• 200% Circuity
• Connection Types: Online, Offline and Interline
• Single Connections
• Inter-airport connections included

Key Data Fields –
• Origin (by cities, countries, or ports)
• Destination (by cities, countries, or ports)
• Gateway (by cities, countries, or ports)
• Flight number
• Elapsed time
• Departure and arrival date/time

About the Provider:

OAG is a leading global travel data provider, that has been powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. We track over 111,000 flights daily, handle 120,000 schedules changes every day and processes 4+billion flight status data requests annually.

With the world’s largest network of flight information data, and leading-edge analytics tools, we enable our customers to make smarter decisions, better adapt to change and create exceptional customer experiences. Headquartered in the UK, OAG has global operations in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Lithuania, and China.

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