OAG: Emissions Data

Developed by OAG Labs, a POC data set that can predict carbon emissions and fuel burn using scheduled flights


Through OAG Labs, we are now able to offer a POC Emissions Data set that can predict carbon emissions of scheduled flights by flight, seat, aircraft type, engine type and typical fuel consumption. Configurable at Route, Flight and Aircraft level.

Data is now available to test exclusively through Flight Info Direct and includes emissions and fuel burn calculations for Actual Flights 2019 and Scheduled Flights + 1 year * (sample data).

Geographic coverage is global and 750+ Airlines.

Data delivery via OAG Flight Info Direct

There are two tables available

Both tables have similar key fields

There are 12 fields in total.

SCHEDULED_FLIGHT_EMISSIONS is a recent version of the global schedule supplemented with estimated fuel burn and CO2 emissions.

FLIGHTS2019 contains the same data based on what actually flew in 2019.

About the Provider:

OAG is a leading global travel data provider, that has been powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. We track over 111,000 flights daily, handle 120,000 schedules changes every day and processes 4+billion flight status data requests annually.

With the world’s largest network of flight information data, and leading-edge analytics tools, we enable our customers to make smarter decisions, better adapt to change and create exceptional customer experiences. Headquartered in the UK, OAG has global operations in the USA, Singapore, Japan, Lithuania, and China.

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