North American Bancard: Merchant Payment Processing Data

Transaction and Merchant Payment Processing Data


NAB will provide relevant data related to the requesting merchant or agent. This will include both merchant and transactional payment processing data that can be used to perform analysis of the business for the merchants/agents. Based on the agreement, the frequency of the data will be adjusted to accommodate the requestors needs.

Sample Tables:
– Merchant information (name, address, current status, etc).
– Credit/Debit card transactions for merchants related to the access of the reader.
– Disputed or declined transaction information
– Deposit transaction information for merchants

Example Fields Included:
– Date
– Transaction ID
– Merchant ID
– Transaction Amount
– Transaction Status
– Merchant Status
– Card Network
– Disputes Submitted
– Interchange
– Additional fields based on personalized request for data

About the Provider:

North American Bancard (NAB) is committed to simplifying the payments process for merchants and their customers. A leading payment technology innovator, we offer payment solutions for merchants in almost any industry, supported by simplified customer, employee, and inventory management that maximizes profitability.

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