Neutronian: Neutronian Quality Index (NQI) Scoring

Standardized and custom scoring for assessing data quality


With increasing regulation, heightened consumer sensitivity around data collection, and overall industry shifts such as the pending elimination of traditional cookie-based advertising identifiers, marketers are faced with more challenges than ever.

Neutronian Quality Index (NQI) Scoring addresses these challenges by providing a standardized framework for evaluating data quality and compliance. This framework helps marketers mitigate risk, reduce compliance costs and improve campaign performance by enabling analytics and decisioning based on data quality.

More details about the NQI Scoring framework and methodology can be found here:

For Data Buyers
Expected Workflow:
– Data Buyer sends Neutronian the list of Data Sellers that they would like to analyze via Snowflake Data Share
– Neutronian scores the Data Sellers based on the standard NQI framework or a custom scoring framework that has been developed with the Data Buyer
– Neutronian shares NQI Scoring with Data Buyer via Snowflake Data Share

For Data Sellers
Expected Workflow:
– Data Seller reaches out to Neutronian to initiate the scoring process
– Neutronian engages with Data Seller to conduct the certification and scoring process
– Data Seller shares data with Neutronian utilizing Snowflake data sharing
– Neutronian shares NQI Scoring with Data Seller via Snowflake Data Share

About the Provider:

Neutronian is a SaaS platform company providing the industry’s most comprehensive, independent, quality and compliance “bond rating” of MarTech data that brings much needed clarity and trust to the ecosystem. To us data quality means more than just performance and accuracy – it includes everything that a marketer or brand needs to know about a dataset before using it. With our thorough approach to data certification, marketers and brands have the transparency they need to make data driven marketing decisions and high-quality, privacy compliant data providers can be rewarded for their efforts.

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