USA Pulse Daypart – Sample

Human Movement Activity by Time of Day & Day of Week


Understand the relative change in human movement activities in space and across time. Pulse Daypart gives a micro-understanding of hour-of-day, day-of-week, weekend/weekday changes in your target geography broken down by Census Block Group (US) or geohash (International).

With Pulse Daypart, analysts can quickly and accurately inform retail opportunities, city planning initiatives, and more. Models that traditionally depend on population change metrics, including population counts by region and commuter-adjusted populations, no longer have to depend on data updated only once every 10 years by the US Census Bureau. Pulse Daypart is updated in near real time to accurately reflect the changes a geography experiences throughout the day.

The Pulse Daypart data set is delivered with the following values
blockgroup: US Census Bureau census block group identification number.
hour_xx: the aggregated density value calculated in summation for the specific hour entailed by the field name where “hour_00” is 12AM and “hour_18” is 6PM.

Tables Included:

Fields Included:
– District
– Timestamp
– Density
– Count
– Day
– Hour

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