NCSolutions: CPG – Purchased Based Audiences

Household CPG purchase data from in-store and e-commerce transactions.


NCS Purchase-Based insights are the most representative look at purchasing across the CPG ecosystem. NCS purchase insights are from our retailer partners covering” Food, Mass, Drug and e-commerce transactions. All transaction data used is at the UPC level which allows NCS to offer fully tailored and customized feeds + solutions to clients, in addition to the public segments listed here.

Purchase Segment Details

Big Data:
– 115MM+ Unique Households
– 37K+ Stores (including online purchases) in all 50 states
– 14 CPG Retailers, including 2 of the top 3 drug chains, with 52 Banners

Representative Data:
– NCS Purchase Graphs use Nielsen IQ Homescan panel and RMS store purchase data to create the gold standard for national All Outlet representive in CPG outcome measurement.

NCS Purchase Graphs:
– NCS use Machine Learning and our unique models to identify relevant buying behavior by department, and flag every US household accordingly

– Better Results – Purchase-based audience targeting creates 3x the return on ad-spend as other targeting methods.
– More Efficient – Find only the buyers you need based upon product purchase history.
– Future Fit – Data is not reliant on cookies or maids.
– Scalable – Activate across all platforms.

About the Provider:

NCSolutions enables brands to improve their advertising effectiveness on every platform, channel, and device. Our CPG research-based insights, collective wisdom, and proven techniques help brands target the right segments based on in-store purchase behaviors, optimize campaigns while in-flight, and measure the resulting incremental sales.

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