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Reduce the effort associated with date/time reporting across all of your analytics projects. Mondo Analytics provides a template standard calendar with the requirements for all potential date and time functions from tracking your holiday schedule, easily adding suffixes to the 4th of July or simply calculating „Year-to-Date“ versus „Last Year“, „Quarter-to-Date“ versus“Quarter-to-Date Last Year“ and „Month-to-Date“ versus „Month-to-Date“ last year. This metadata source for time related data can save your organization hundreds of people-hours per year. Don’t recreate the proverbial „time wheel“ on every single report or dashboard. Let this relative time calendar do all of the work for you.

On any given day, a business analyst might hard code a dashboard for year-to-date sales adding filters for „01/01/2019“ thru „11/19/2019“. With the Mondo Analytics template „Relative_Dates_View“, simply filter your dashboard by ‚YTD‘ on the ‚YTD‘ column and the data will dynamically update all values in the report. No more editing, changing reports or hard-coding to suit immediate needs. If you’re in need of consulting resources, Mondo Analytics is your #1 trusted advisor for architecting and managing solutions from data lakes to data warehouses.

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Headquartered in San Rafael, California, Mondo Analytics is a leading-edge consulting firm specializing in multi-cloud, data warehouse technology stacks. Our experts are seasoned veterans with unique skills across banking, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and insurance industries. Our diverse skills and experience give us insights to provide real-time visibility into the key performance indicators allowing top level executives, management and operations employees to effectively manage and grow their businesses.

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