Minedia, Inc.: EC Purchase Data

Actual purchase data of the E-commerce market in Japan


This dataset includes actual purchase data for the e-commerce (EC) market in Japan. This data will help you to understand the overview of the EC trend, dive deep into consumer behavior, and gain insights into marketing and sales activities on EC channels.

Dataset Highlights as of August 2021:
– Sourcing: Zero-party data provided by Minedia’s consumer panel with clear permission
– Panel Size: +27k consumers
– Transaction Volume: 2 billion JPY per year
– Period: 2016-
– Available EC Platform: Amazon JP, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping, PayPay, and LOHACO
– Country of Residence: Japan


データセット 2021年8月時点:
– ソース : 許諾済みのマインディアの消費者パネルから提供されたゼロパーティデータ
– パネルサイズ : 2.7万人
– 購入金額 : 約20億円 / 年
– 期間 : 2016-
– 対応ECプラットフォーム : Amazon(日本)、楽天市場、Yahoo! Shopping、PayPay、LOHACO
– 居住国 : 日本

Sample Tables:
– Purchase_Items

Sample Fields:
– Randomized User ID
– Randomized Purchase ID
– Item Name
– Item Url
– Item Price
– Amount
– Transaction Date
– EC site name
– Age
– Gender
– Occupation

About the Provider:

Minedia, Inc. is a marketing technology company in Japan that offers Mineds, a comprehensive SaaS marketing platform for gathering, analyzing, and storing consumer data to evolve marketing and accelerate business all over the world.

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