Merkle: DataSource

Append DataSource attributes to Your CRM Records

Dataset Description:

DataSource is Merkle’s foundational consumer data product spanning demographic, financial, real estate, lifestyle, automotive, and select transactional categories. DataSource underpins a broad swath of Merkle’s people-based marketing capabilities, including consumer insights, targeting, and personalization initiatives.

Informed by Merkle’s Data Valuation Lab – an analytical framework used to test and compare all available data assets in the marketplace – DataSource merges more than 40 distinct data inputs selected from a field of several hundred providers. For each category of data, Merkle uses the Data Valuation Lab framework to isolate the best source of data on the market and supplement it with additional inputs to maximize coverage and consensus, ultimately resulting in a superior solution. Merkle grades this work based on a battery of statistical measures, as well as continuous in-market testing by Fortune 1000 brands spanning Insurance, Financial Services, Travel & Entertainment, High Tech, and Retail. Because it is curated to include the best-of-the-best data assets in the marketplace, DataSource consistently outperforms competitive offerings based on back-testing and in-market results.

The DataSource advantage becomes readily apparent to any marketer that tests DataSource relative to alternatives. One Merkle client, a large consumer association that counts over 10% of the US population as its members, benchmarked DataSource relative to its incumbent data product across three core dimensions and is achieving the following results:

1. Predictive Power – DataSource delivers 6% lift in predictive models.

2. Coverage – On average, DataSource outperforms with coverage of 81% vs. 45% across key attributes.

3. Accuracy – DataSource provides a more consistent dataset, as measured by the strength of correlation between attribute pairs, such as education and income, income and home value, marital status and number of children, etc.

These results emerge consistently when our clients apply a quantitative approach to data benchmarking. DataSource provides a clear, measurable impact to our clients’ bottom lines relative to comparable solutions.

Sample Fields Included:
Demographics (e.g., physical address)
Adjusted Wealth Rating (adjusted for state-based cost of living)
Discretionary Spend Rating (per spend category)
Ownership Flags (indicates ownership of cars, houses, motorcycles, etc.)

Example Use Case:
Use Merkle DataSources’ over 2000 data elements to know more about your customers and how to market more effectively to them.

Steps to setting up your append to Merkle DataSource for a sample of up to 100,000 of your CRM records:

1. Click on our Snowflake Marketplace icon, and a Merkle data specialist will be in touch with you within one business day.

2. Scope your test — which CRM records will you choose? Which DataSource attributes would you like appended? Our Merkle data specialist will work with you to optimize your test based on your unique marketing needs.

3. Sign the Merkle DataSource test agreement. Our data specialist will provide.

4. Work with our data specialist to share with Merkle your data. We will include all of the important details, such as file set up, format and delivery method.

5. Send Merkle your data.

6. Your Merkle data specialist will then communicate timing of delivery of your CRM records with our appended data back to you in the Snowflake destination of your choosing and you’ll have the freedom to explore your newly enriched data set for the duration of the test period!

About the Provider:

Merkle is a leading data-driven customer experience management company that specializes in the delivery of unique, personalized customer experiences across channels, platforms, and devices.  For more than 32 years, Fortune 1000 companies have partnered with Merkle to maximize the value of their customer portfolios.  Merkle’s Data Solutions organization, including DataSource, its flagship national consumer file, enables clients to enrich their view of existing customers and define high-value prospect universes in support of initiatives spanning marketing, service, commerce, and experience.

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