MediaWallah: Verified Offline User Data for Identity Resolution

Resolve customer profiles identifiers across organizational silos


Use MediaWallah’s Verified ID Graph to merge siloed customer data into a single user profile.

MediaWallah’s Verified ID Graph resolves personally-identifiable information (PII) into a single view to power enhanced analytics, modeling, and segmentation at the person level.

Identity Resolution can be Performed on raw, hashed or encrypted:
– First Name
– Last Name
– Postal Address
– Zip Code
– Email Address
– Phone Number

Data Provided
-Match Key

Secure Data Matching
MediaWallah’s advanced encryption technology allows customers to safely and more intelligently match data and use sensitive and personal data while keeping protected by safeguards like on-premise encryption prior to sharing

Reliable Scale
MediaWallah sources consented data from leading survey company to verification data connections

About the Provider:

MediaWallah provides innovative identity-by-design solutions for the world’s largest brands, publishers, platforms and agencies. Mediawallah helps companies create complex 360 degree views of customers and prospects across channels, IDs, data types, partners, and their own business silos—all with the most advanced security protections. Companies trust MediaWallah to provide agile privacy-first data capabilities to ensure that their identity data is kept safe while also delivering maximum value.

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