Mapbox: Mapbox Movement – US Daily Activity Index

Anonymous, aggregated, daily mobility data for every 100m grid tile in the US.


Mapbox Movement is a privacy-forward dataset of device density, activity, and movement over time drawn from 700M+ users and 45,000+ different mobile apps globally contributing 20B+ live location updates daily. The dataset captures significant driving and non-driving mobile device activity aggregated into geographic tiles of 100-meter resolution (approx. 1 city block) and administrative boundaries (states/counties). Mapbox Movement dataset provides a high-definition view of how, where, and when people move through a city or specific geography.

The data set Includes a metric of mobile device activity in the designated region and time frame, aggregated daily by zoom:18 “quadkey” tiles (approx. 100m-sized grids). The counts are normalized and low-volume areas are excluded from the data to protect user privacy. No PII attributes are included in this data set. This data cut is baselined using January 2020 as a reference period.

Data schema:
– geography: ID of the zoom:18 quadkey grid tile
– xlon, xlat: coordinates of the grid tile centroid
– bounds: bounding box of the grid tile
– activity_index_total: normalized activity factor
– agg_day_period: date (local time)

Example Use Case:
Use the historical and daily-updating activity index to compare movement levels around 2 different retail locations to understand and compare mobility levels as a proxy for commercial demand over time. Are stores in a certain area underperforming relative to competitors? Are there “hotspots” of activity where new retails sites should be located?

About the Provider:

Mapbox is a mapping and location cloud platform for developers — we don’t have an app, we’re the building blocks; the SDKs and APIs for developers and designers to build real time location awareness into their own apps. ‍ 700 million monthly active users touch our maps.

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