Mapbox: Movement – Movement US Daily Activity Index (2020 Sample)

Anonymous, aggregated, daily mobility data for every 100m grid tile in the US/UK/Germany


Mapbox Movement is a privacy-forward dataset of device density, activity, and movement over time drawn from 700M+ users and 45,000+ different mobile apps globally contributing 20B+ live location updates daily. The dataset captures significant driving and non-driving mobile device activity aggregated into geographic tiles of 100-meter resolution (approx. 1 city block) and administrative boundaries (states/counties).

Mapbox Movement dataset provides a high-definition view of how, where, and when people move through a city or specific geography.

The counts are normalized and low-volume areas are excluded from the data to protect user privacy. No PII attributes are included in this data set.

This v2.0 upgraded data set is baselined using January 2021 as a reference period and benchmarked against ground-truth indicators. See more details:

Data schema:
– agg_day_period: date (local time)
– geo_aggregation: ‘quadkey’ (100m tile), ‘adm1’ (state), ‘adm2’ (county)
– geography: ID of the zoom-level 18 tile (or Boundary ID)
– xlon, xlat: coordinates of the grid tile centroid
– bounds: bounding box of the grid tile
– activity_index_total: normalized activity factor

Mapbox Boundaries:
For adm1 (state) and adm2 (county) Boundaries, refer to:

Requesting Access:
This listing provides immediate access to 1 year of historical daily-updated Movement data from Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2020. To purchase additional data or more countries, request access through the Personalized Tile and Mapbox will reach out to discuss licensing options.

About the Provider:

Mapbox is a mapping and location cloud platform for developers — we don’t have an app, we’re the building blocks; the SDKs and APIs for developers and designers to build real time location awareness into their own apps. ‍ 700 million monthly active users touch our maps.

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