MakerDAO Data Insights: Maker vaults history

Full history of Maker vaults.


This dataset contains the full history of Maker vaults operations with the full business and market context for every operation. It is also available in the form of a snapshot of current state of every vault.

The dataset contains two tables:

1. VAULTS – history of atomic operations

– LOAD_ID – technical field
– ORDER_INDEX – index that can be used to ensure the proper order of actions
– BLOCK – block when the action happened
– TIMESTAMP – time when the action happened
– TX_HASH – transaction hash
– VAULT – the vault that was affected by the action
– ILK – the vault’s collateral
– OPERATION – description of the action
– DCOLLATERAL – change (delta) of the collateral
– DPRINCIPAL – change (delta) of the principal debt
– DFEES – change (delta) of the accrued fees
– MKT_PRICE – collateral market price at the moment of the action
– OSM_PRICE – collateral oracle price at the moment of the action
– DART – change (delta) of the vaults’a ART parameter
– RATE change (delta) of the vaults’a RATE parameter
– RATIO – current liquidation ratio
– URN – urn address (the ultimate vault’s id)
– DS_PROXY – proxy address (if available)
– OWNER – owner address (if available)

2. CURRENT_VAULTS – current status of vaults

– VAULT – vault identifier
– ILK – collateral name
– COLLATERAL – current amount of locked collateral
– PRINCIPAL – current amount of generated principal debt
– PAID_FEES – current amount of total paid fees
– DEBT – current amount of total debt
– ACCRUED_FEES – current amount of accrued and unpaid fees
– COLLATERALIZATION – current collateralization ratio
– OSM_PRICE – current oracle price of used collateral
– MKT_PRICE – current market price of used collateral
– RATIO FLOAT – current liquidation ratio
– LIQUIDATION_PRICE – price of collateral at which the vault would be liquidated
– AVAILABLE_DEBT – currently available debt
– AVAILABLE_COLLATERAL – currently available collateral
– OWNER – owner address (if available)
– DS_PROXY – proxy address (if available)
– URN – urn address
– ART – current value of the ART parameter
– BLOCK_CREATED – vaults’s creation block
– TIME_CREATED – vaults’s creation time


About the Provider:

Data Insights Core Unit is a team at MakerDAO that provides detailed datasets on all aspects of the Multi-Collateral DAI protocol.

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