LiveRamp: LiveRamp AbiliTec API: Resolve Fragmented Customer Data

Unify and deduplicate siloed first-party data to power effective analytics and marketing use cases


AbiliTec extracts the maximum value from your customer data with accurate and safe data unification for analytics, activation and more.

LiveRamp’s patented identity resolution technology helps you unify and deduplicate personally identifiable information (PII) from multiple data sources in order to understand relationships between people, places, and household formations. Built off a knowledge base of 100+ constantly updated offline data sources, 45+ years of historical data, and 4+ billion offline records (email, name, address, etc.), AbiliTec allows you to bring together disparate representations of names, addresses, phones and emails to deliver a better customer experience in a privacy-conscious manner.

AbiliTec drives the following benefits:
– Unified customer view: Extract the maximum value from your data with accurate, safe data unification. Consolidate to a durable, person-based record to improve analytics, measurement, activation, and addressability.
– Advanced customer analytics: Surface accurate and meaningful insights in your data warehouse to optimally plan, engage, and measure across all marketing channels.
– Interoperability: Companies need a way to share data across the Snowflake ecosystem without exposing PII in any form. Whether it is for comparing joint customer lists, finding marketing campaign overlaps, or forming a strategic partnership, AbiliTec provides a secure, persistent, non-PII identifier for use across platforms and companies.

Our offering consists of a script you can run to add the external function directly to your seat.
– We set up permissions and access to build a trust relationship between your Snowflake seat and our API Gateway.
– You run a script that sets up the integration with our API Gateway and adds our sample stored procedure on how to call and append data.
– From there, calls can be made directly to our service translating fragmented customer data to a unified view (via AbiliTec).

Geography: This is available for the U.S. only.
– Input: plain-text or hashed PII such as Name, Postal, Email, Phone
– Output: AbiliTec’s ConsumerLink

About the Provider:

LiveRamp is the leading connectivity platform leveraged by brands and their partners to deliver innovative products and exceptional experiences. LiveRamp RampID connects people, data, and devices across the digital and physical world, powering the people-based marketing revolution and allowing consumers to safely connect with the brands and products they love

LiveRamp’s suite of identity products is key to building a unified customer view inside your data warehouse and enabling sophisticated analytics and activation use cases.

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