Lifesight: US Visitation data – Sample Walmart

Visitation data to points of interests linked to categories and brands


We offer place visitation data which positions people within certain points of interest. Our proprietary data platform and algorithms processes billions of raw location signals everyday to position mobile users within polygonal geofences across millions of locations. We automatically detect anomalies remove employees and passerbys to produce a clean data sets of visits to retail automotive fast food and other POIs.

1. Visitation data for any POI’s
Provided Sample data for Walmart Visits

– ID
– Name
– Address
– postcode
– do_date
– year
– month
– day_of_week
– part_of_day
– n_visitors
– distance_from_home
– travelled_countries
– visitor_country_origin
– visitor_home_origin
– visitor_work_origin
– carrier
– brand_visited
– place_categories
– geo_behaviour
– make
– model
– os_version
– ratio_age_18_24
– ratio_age_25_34
– ratio_age_35_44
– ratio_age_45_54
– ratio_age_55
– ratio_female
– ratio_male

About the Provider:

Lifesight is a leading customer intelligence company that helps brands and enterprises leverage identity resolution and data enrichment to empower their data strategies. Our industry-leading solution enables brands and enterprises to transform their customer data into actionable insights that help drive business decisions, optimize marketing spend, and improve customer experiences.

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