Lifesight: US People Graph – Sample

People data is our proprietary mobile user dataset that links MAIDs to multiple people attributes


People data is our proprietary mobile user dataset that links mobile advertisers IDs to multiple people attributes related to demographics, device ownership, audience segments, key locations and more. This enables user to get a holistic view of a consumer based on their persona and be able to instantly gain actionable insights.

Samples/Tables Included:
People graph is delivered on monthly cadence
Sample of USA people graph is included (Global data available upon request)

Fields Included:
– maid
– id_type
– gender
– age
– carrier
– make
– model
– os
– os_version
– home_country
– home_geohash
– work_geohash
– device_price
– device_age
– affluence
– brands_visited
– place_categories
– geo_behaviour
– interests
– travelled_countries

About the Provider:

Lifesight is a leading customer intelligence company that helps brands and enterprises leverage identity resolution and data enrichment to empower their data strategies. Our industry-leading solution enables brands and enterprises to transform their customer data into actionable insights that help drive business decisions, optimize marketing spend, and improve customer experiences.

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