Lifesight: US Consumer Graph

Lifesight US Consumer Graph - Append 100+ Attributes from 300M+ Consumer Profiles


Our US consumer graph database is a comprehensive data enrichment solution that helps you fill in the gaps in your customer data and get a better understanding of your customers. We cover 300M+ profiles with 100+ attributes around geography, demographics, lifestyle, interests and behaviours.

Our consumer data is collected and aggregated from surveys, web services and public data sources. We utilize advanced profiling techniques to ensure only fresh and accurate data points are collected and ingested. The data attributes can be appended to your customer profile

1. Geography – City, State, ZIP, County, CBSA, Census Tract, etc.
2. Demographics – Gender, Age Group, Marital Status, Language etc.
3. Financial – Income Range, Credit Rating Range, Credit Type, etc
4. Persona – Consumer type, Lifestage, Preferences, Family type, etc
4. Interests – Content, Brands, Shopping, Hobbies, Lifestyle etc.
5. Household – Number of Children, Number of Adults, IP Address, etc.
6. Behaviours – Brand Affinity, App Usage, Web Browsing etc.
7. Firmographics – Industry, Company, Occupation, Revenue, etc
8. Retail Purchase – Store, Category, Brand, SKU, Quantity, Price etc.
9. Auto – Car Make, Model, Type, Year, etc.
10. Housing – Home type, Home value, Renter/Owner, Year Built etc.

About the Provider:

Lifesight is a leading customer intelligence company that helps brands and enterprises leverage identity resolution and data enrichment to empower their data strategies. Our industry-leading solution enables brands and enterprises to transform their customer data into actionable insights that help drive business decisions, optimize marketing spend, and improve customer experiences.

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