Lacework: Automated Cloud Security

Comprehensive, Continuous end-to-end security for Workloads, Containers Users, Kubernetes and Cloud accounts running in multi-cloud environments


Lacework’s lightweight agent provides visibility to all processes and applications within an organization’s cloud and container environments. The breadth and depth of visibility helps detect vulnerabilities, and then uses Lacework’s machine learning analysis to identify anomalous behavior that poses threats.

Lacework provides a seamless integration with Snowflake to share data in both directions for a faster and more secure experience.

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About the Provider:

Lacework is the industry’s first solution to bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security enabling enterprises to safely innovate fast in the cloud.

Unlike conventional security tools built for static datacenters, Lacework is designed to self-adapt to the cloud ever-changing configuration and workloads. Just like DevOps automates code deployment, Lacework automates cloud security, empowering IT to continuously keep cloud environments secure and compliant.

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