L2: National U.S. Registered Voter File

Current U.S. Voter Data for All 50 States and DC


The L2 National Voter File is a collection of all currently registered U.S. voters. The database is created from frequently-refreshed state and county public registration files and then enhanced with telephone numbers, rooftop lat/longs, modeled data, census data and multiple sources of commercial data. Voter registration data as provided by each state always includes names, addresses, political boundary assignments and voting history. Those data typically also include registration date, gender, party affiliation and birthdate or age. L2 matches highly accurate telephone numbers into these files including individual cell phone numbers for 30% or more of the voters as well as landlines. All telephone numbers are cleaned by purging known disconnected numbers from L2’s proprietary and unique collection of nearly 150,000,000 known disconnected numbers. Modeled data include likely party affiliation (where that is not provided by the state) and lifestyle indicators. Commercial data fields cover a very broad range including home and lifestyle, buying habits, contributions, likely income and education, property values, occupation and much more. The L2 National Voter File is used by the country’s leading universities and public opinion pollsters for research, by all the leading cable and broadcast networks for targeting political advertising, by nearly half of all members of Congress for constituent contact and by political campaigns from the presidential level down to local city council races seeking to reach and persuade voters.About

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L2 is the country’s oldest and largest non-partisan supplier of enhanced U.S. registered voter data.
For more information, visit the provider’s website.
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