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Get clear, fast answers about user engagement and retention through Kubit’s Intelligent Product Analytics with AI-powered behavioral analytics and diagnostics. Learn more at kubit.ai.

Kubit collects and processes your user behavioral events into Snowflake. This data set contains all the raw events about user identity, session, page view and action from your mobile and/or web apps. It is a full dataset that gets updated in real-time, which helps product people get clear, fast answers about user engagement and retention. Your teams of data scientists, product managers or engineers can use Kubit Raw Events to get direct insights when needed. For example, you may build a recommendation system using Snowflake, or troubleshoot some data pipeline issues.

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Kubit’s Intelligent Product Analytics helps product people get clear, fast answers about user engagement and retention. We provide AI-powered behavioral analytics and diagnostics through collaborative workspaces.With Kubit, product teams can monitor KPIs and discover insights through AI-guided investigations and root-cause analyses. Our workspace lets teams share thought processes for better, data-driven decisions.Kubit’s smart service helps companies avoid costly mistakes by identifying problems quickly and easily with machine learning algorithms. Our innovative technology allows product managers, designers, analysts, and developers to build exceptional products. To learn more, please check us out at kubit.ai or email us directly at [email protected].

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