korzo: Global News Feed

Query top headlines and global news coverage sourced from dozens of premiere publishers


The Korzo Global News Coverage Feed provides a wholistic view of the financial, political, and economic climate across over 50 countries in up to 14 different languages. The feed supports various categories of news including but not limited to health, science, and technology from 100+ different publishers and covers multiple asset classes including stocks, crypto, and forex.

Easily identify relevant companies or assets of interest using the ticker or organization field within specific time periods to investigate temporal changes in sentiment. The schema below has been normalized to facilitate seamless integration against other datasets:

– ID: Article ID
– OL: Organization List
– TL: Ticker List
– TS: Timestamp
– PID: Publisher ID
– PN: Publisher Name
– PU: Publisher URL
– PI: Publisher Logo
– A: Author
– L: Language
– H: Headline
– D: Description
– C: Content
– HS: Header Sentiment
– HSS: Header Sentiment Score
– DS: Description Sentiment
– DSS: Description Sentiment Score
– CS: Content Sentiment
– CSS: Content Sentiment Score
– OS: Overall Sentiment
– I: Article Image URL
– U: Article URL

About the Provider

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