korzo: Form 4 Insider Transaction Activity

Query insider purchasing, selling, and holdings of company securities held by company officers and directors


The SEC Form 4 Insider Transaction Activity Feed provides close to 10 years of transaction activity of officers, directors, and individuals who own at least 10% of a publicly traded company’s securities/shares. By extracting and normalizing data directly from the SEC’s EDGAR system, Korzo provides data scientists and quants seamless access to quick structured insights which facilitate feature engineering, statistical analyses, and development of machine learning models.

The fields of the SEC Form 4 data feed describe the summarized activity surrounding the nature in which securities were bought, sold, gifted, and awarded directly or indirectly to a company insider and/or their beneficiaries. The field names and descriptions can be found below:

– AC: Asset Class
– T: Ticker
– TP: Ticker Pair
– N: Company Name
– H: Summary Headline
– CCIK: Company CIK Number
– FTS: Filing Timestamp
– ETS: Earliest Transaction Timestamp (ET)
– INAME: Insider Name
– ITITLE: Insider Title
– ICIK: Insider CIK
– A: Activity
– TC: Transaction Code
– AD: Acquired or Disposed
– O: Ownership (Directly or Indirectly)
– NO: Nature of Ownership
– TCOST: Transaction Cost
– TSHARES: Total Shares
– AVGP: Average Price
– RSHARES: Remaining Shares
– RVALUE: Remaining Value
– B: Beneficiaries
– FURL: Form URL
– FXML: Form XML

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