Knoema: Global Rankings and Indices Data Pack

ENTERPRISE PACK: 1.4M+ time series on public rankings by country from 85 data sources.


The Knoema Global Rankings and Indices Data Pack provides access to country rankings for enterprises seeking to streamline the ingestion, maintenance, and delivery of public country rankings by country. It contains 1.4M+ time series including indicators such as Global Knowledge Index, World Competitiveness Ranking, Global Peace Index, Press Freedom Index, Better Life Index, Water Stress Country Ranking, Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index and many others.

All Global Rankings and Indices data is ingested and curated by Knoema. Global Rankings and Indices Pack data comes from public sources, including international organizations and research institutions.

The list of indicators is organized into 5 major topics that enables quick and easy access to the indicator of interest:
Economy, Business, and Innovation
Governance and Security
Health, Education, and Social Well Being
Other Specialized Coverage

Datasets include:
Global Innovation Index
Index of Economic Freedom
Global Democracy Ranking
Global Gender Gap Index
Environmental Performance Index
90+ others (please see reference table DATASETS for the list of all tables/datasets included in this data pack, including key details on each table/dataset like name, source, frequency of refresh, documentation on data, etc.)

Fields include:
Business Environment Index
Property Rights Score
Civil liberties Score
Human Development Index
Air Quality Index

Sources include Basel Institute on Governance, Fraser Institute, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Heritage Foundation, Institute for Economics and Peace, ​​Legatum Institute, Open Knowledge International, Property Rights Alliance, Quality of Government Institute, World Resources Institute, World Values Survey, World Wide Web Foundation, Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy and many others

Use cases:

Economy – Accessing Business Environment, Competitiveness and Social Responsibility:
How has the COVID-19 pandemic has changed global innovation trends?
Which country has the best logistics for participation in global value chains?
What is the estimated prevalence of modern slavery by country, and what is the absolute number by population involved in modern slavery?

Environmental Burden – Estimating Progress to Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability:
Which country has the largest ecological footprint of consumption?
How resource efficiency weights on countries’ position in sustainable competitiveness?

Freedom of Information – Cross Country Comparison of the Level of Freedom of Information and ICT Infrastructure Development and Penetration:
How has the state of press freedom changed in major emerging economies over the last decade?
What is the ICT infrastructure readiness and progress in ICT development in emerging Asia?
What is the adoption of mobile-broadband internet in Latin America?

About the Provider:

Knoema is the most comprehensive source of global decision-making data in the world. Our data technology solutions compress the complex data discovery to insight workflow from countless hours to minutes, saving clients time, energy, and budget. Our data tools allow individuals and enterprises to discover, visualize, model, and present their data and the world’s data to facilitate more informed decisions and better business outcomes.

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