KNOEMA: Demographics Data Atlas

10+ public demographics-related datasets from the UN, World Bank, U.S. Census Bureau, and other sources.


The Demographics Data Atlas offers a wide variety of population dynamics indicators for most of the world’s countries: population size and growth, age dependency ratios, median age, birth and death rates, fertility rates, life expectancy at birth, migration, population density, natural increase. It also provides population structure data by gender, age, and residence. In addition, there are datasets covering population forecasts, world urbanization prospects, and gender statistics.

Topics covered:

– Population

– Mortality

– Fertility

– Age

– Population Forecast


Datasets include:

– UN World Population Prospects

– UN Human Development Report

– World Bank Population Estimates and Projections

– World Bank World Development Indicators

– U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey

– 5 others


Please see reference table DEMOGRAPHICS_DATASETS that includes the list of all tables/datasets included in this listing, with key details on each table/dataset including name, source, frequency of refresh, source, documentation on data, etc.

Fields include:

– Population growth rate

– Population density

– Net migration

– Fertility rate

– Crude death rate


Sources include the UN, World Bank, U.S. Census Bureau. Datasets are updated within 1-7 days of the most recent data made available by the underlying reporter. More detail on each of the datasets, fields, and sources included in the share can be found at the link in our documentation. Use cases – Making population projections – Tracking demographic trends – Estimating labor force growth

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