Knoema: Aerospace Data Atlas

110+ public aerospace-related datasets from IATA, FAA, Eurostat and other authoritative sources.


The Aerospace Data Atlas provides key statistics on the aerospace industry on national and sub-national levels. The collection of indicators include departing passengers from major airports, aircraft data by manufacturer and model, aircraft movements by class of operation, detailed air transport infrastructure data, air passenger statistics by country, top markets for aerospace export and more.

Topics covered:
– Operating and financial statistics
– Aircraft fleet
– Air transport infrastructure
– Passenger transport
– Freight and mail air transport
– Aircraft movements

Datasets include:
– IATA Air Passenger Statistics
– FAA Aircraft Registry: Reserved Aircraft
– Top Markets for U.S. Aerospace Export
– Aircraft Industry Turnover by Sector in Japan
– Eurostat Air Transport Equipment: Number of Aircrafts
– 100+ others

Please see reference table AEROSPACE_DATASETS that includes the list of all tables/datasets included in this listing, with key details on each table/dataset including name, source, frequency of refresh, source, documentation on data, etc.

Fields include:
– Civil aircraft fleet
– Revenue of airline industry
– Revenue passenger kilometers
– Success rate of space launches

Sources include U.S. Aerospace Industries Association, Eurostat, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Airlines for America, Statistics Canada, International Air Transport Association (IATA), the Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies, U.S. Department of Transportation. Datasets are updated within 1-7 days of the most recent data being made available by the underlying reporter. More detail on each of the datasets, fields, and sources included in the share can be found at the link in our documentation.

Use cases
– Estimating a country’s aircraft fleet
– Forecasting markets for aerospace trade

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