ISS ESG: Governance QualityScore

An objective, point-in-time, data-driven tool that helps investment professionals


The ISS ESG Governance QualityScore is an objective, point-in-time, data-driven tool that helps investment professionals measure and identify areas of corporate risk in Board Structure, Compensation programs, Shareholder Rights, and Audit & Risk Oversight. Company-level scores provide an indication of relative governance quality based on an evaluation of approximately 100 of 230 total factors that are most relevant to a given country or region.

  • Integrate non-financial data into fundamental investment processes so risks and opportunities are automatically included as part of the research mosaic.
  • Identify and target portfolio companies that have poor governance practices, construct portfolios around governance, and leverage governance issues effectively when making investment decisions.
  • Better understand a company’s approach to governance over time with historical scores and data that can provide greater context and help to uncover trends, through the point-in time nature of the feed.

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About the Provider:

ISS ESG is the responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., the world’s leading provider of environmental, social, and governance solutions for asset owners, asset managers, hedge funds, and asset servicing providers. ISS ESG solutions include corporate and country ESG research, climate data, analytics and advisory, governance data and screening and controversies. For more information, visit¬†

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