Real Time TV Ad Measurement and Attribution

Real-time ad occurrence data, device level exposure and attribution to KPIs


iSpot provides attention and conversion analytics for TV ads. The analytics we provide are built on top of our industry leading real-time TV ad dataset. As part of our overall measurement, we collect second-by-second viewing data for each ad via ACR from our panel of connected TVs. We have built the connected tissue to track online and offline KPIs at scale. We can connect user level TV ad exposure to your marketing stacks to better inform your analytics.

Actionable analytics backed by rigorous methodology.

Samples/Tables Included:
  • Real-time and historical tv ad occurrence data from 2012-Present
  • HH level TV ad exposure, to connect to your marketing stack
  • Segment Analytics (predictive analytics for planning)
  • TV Attribution to various KPIs (web, POS, location, etc.) for optimization
  • OTT incremental reach and frequency reporting
Fields Included:
  • Time Stamps
  • Network/Show
  • DMA
  • Incremental Reach and Frequency
Example Use Cases:
  • Send custom segments to iSpot to measure various KPIs and help better plan your campaigns.
  • Measure incremental reach and frequency of your OTT/CTV campaigns.
  • Connect TV ad exposure to your marketing stack.
About the Provider:

iSpot is a TV Ad Measurement and Analytics company. Services include the industry leading syndicated real-time Media Measurement for all brands, TV attribution built for causal impact and complete Marketing Stack Integration.

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