IPqwery: Intellectual Property Data

IPqwery applies a powerful set of analytics to patent and trademark data - Powered By Highland Math


From startups to Fortune 500s, gathering and assessing the breadth of intellectual property holdings across multiple Patent and Trademark databases is no easy task. IPqwery applies a series of contextual clues to help differentiate between similar company names, then separates each into the correct IP profile. We then identify related IP holders through our name similarity engine. Subsidiaries and holding companies are grouped under one corporate banner to make IP audits more meaningful.

Samples/tables included:

  • USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) Patent and Trademarks Filings
  • CIPO (Canadian IP Office) Patent and Trademarks Filings
  • WIPO (World IP Office) Patent and Trademarks Filings
  • EUIPO (European IP Office) Trademarks Filings

Fields Included:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Owner ID
  • First publication or filing date
  • IP issuance or registration date
  • Status: Pending/Registered/Inactive
  • IP class
  • IP abstract
  • Company stock symbol
  • Inventor name
  • Inventor address
Update Frequency:


About the Provider:

IPqwery is powered by Highland Math. Highland Math provides monetization and measurement solutions to data buyers and sellers, helping them generate a return on their investments in data. Our data intelligence platform, powered by machine learning, makes it possible for businesses to assess the value of data assets and implement strategies to leverage data more effectively within their organization or externally across the data ecosystem. Today, Highland Math powers data intelligence and monetization capabilities for over 60 data providers.

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