IPinfo: IP Geolocation

IP address location data for all public IPv4 addresses


IPinfo’s industry leading IP geolocation data is now available directly in snowflake, optimized for query performance.

Our IP geolocation data provides a response that includes every IP’s latitude and longitude coordinates, region, country, postal/ZIP code, and city. Using our IP address geolocation data, customers can resolve their web traffic to meaningful locations as specific as a street address. IPinfo builds and maintains our own proprietary IP geolocation database, which can be used to generate various forms of geographic information for your IP traffic.

Samples/tables included:

– IP address to City, Region, Country, Lat, Lng, Timezone. Updated daily.

Fields Included:

– start_ip
– end_ip
– start_ip_int
– end_ip_int
– city
– region
– country
– postal
– lat
– lng
– timezone

Example Use Case:

– With IPinfo as your IP-to-location data provider, you will be able to provide users with a customized experience based on their location at many different levels. For example, you can pre-populate sign-up form fields that request users’ location with data from our API response. Similarly, you can display pricing figures in their local currency.

– Our IP address geolocation API also allows for the internal tracking of statistics to help your business better understand the demographics that it is reaching. Similar to how Google Analytics serves reports, your business can maintain in-house geographic data for your traffic.

Do you need more data types, want to discuss customization, or have any other questions? Reach out to our data experts at [email protected]

About the Provider:

IPinfo is an IP address data provider since 2013 and we pride ourselves on being the most reliable, accurate, and in-depth source of IP address data available anywhere. We process terabytes of data to produce our custom IP geolocation, company, carrier, privacy detection and IP type data sets for our customers from a myriad of industries. Our goal is to take the difficult task of collating IP address related data out of our customers hands and leaving it to us.

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