Intricately: Cloud Spend and Product Adoption

A smarter way to market & sell cloud infrastructure


Uncover how your prospects use cloud infrastructure with newly discoverable data (like spend, CDN, addressable market, and more) to understand and conquer your market on over 7 million business around the world.

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About the Provider:

Intricately offers a data set that most marketing and sales teams never knew existed. Organizations have historically been deciding who their target customers are based on basic data including firmographic and binary, often inaccurate, technographic data.

Companies that sell digital products that still use physical data are missing the most important factor — a prospect’s investment in digital spend.

Our data allows organizations to truly discover who their top target accounts are and disqualify companies who aren’t a good fit before investing your team’s time and money.

Customers like AWS, Google, Fastly, and Verizon redefine their target accounts, enhance current scoring/propensity models, identify new markets/verticals and much more.

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*The Data Marketplace is not yet available in GCP.

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