Innovaccer Inc.: InGraph

Healthcare analytics system, offering customizable measures & dashboards with across network access.


Rich analytics and customizable dashboards built on a healthcare data platform
Despite mounds of healthcare data, providers need accurate insights at the right time to identify the gaps in care and the growth opportunities in the network. In the era of a data-led revolution in healthcare, generating action-ready insights is the key to imparting quality care.

InGraph, built on Innovaccer’s healthcare data platform, is a comprehensive state-of-the-art analytics solution. InGraph brings together integrated data captured in real-time to enable enhanced trend analysis and reporting for healthcare organizations.

Custom-built insights:
InGraph assists providers with real-time tracking and monitoring of measures from a library of 800+ measures. The users are provided the flexibility to customize dashboards and visualizations as per their requirements and track selective measures. Additionally, to gain a deeper understanding of population health and network performance, providers are empowered with analytics on leakages and opportunities aligned with their goals.

Population health analytics:
Healthcare providers can leverage InGraph to study the holistic population health status based on various measures. Providers can look out for the impacts of ongoing care programs and overall health on episodes such as joint replacements and cardiac episodes, among others. Providers can stratify the attributed patient population based on robust and custom-built risk scoring methodologies and prioritize care operations to drive better clinical outcomes.

Network utilization and reporting:
InGraph also allows providers to study the underlying patterns in network utilization across measures such as ER visits, IP visits, SNF visits, and more. The healthcare providers can drill down to understand network trends and contract-based performance from an aggregate level to an individual facility. Providers can work on improving their efficiency and reducing costs through the monitoring, analysis, and benchmarking of operational indicators. InGraph also helps providers enhance the speed and accuracy of quality reporting through automated analytics, manual data entry, and report compilation for measures from CMS, NQF, HEDIS, and MIPS.

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About the Provider:

Innovaccer is a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company committed to accelerating innovation in healthcare. Innovaccer is on a mission to connect and curate the world’s healthcare information to make it accessible and useful. With Innovaccer, everyone works in the service of patients like never before, as one.

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